• Who? Grades K-8
  • Where? Partnering with 3 existing events: the Bellarmine Invite, the CYO Youth Series; and the Tacoma School District elementary and middle school races that are held at Mt. Tahoma High School
  • When?
    • Bellarmine Invite - September 2017
    • CYO Youth Series - must be on participating CYO team, YMCA team, or Tacoma elementary or middle school team. Talk to your institution's coach or P.E. teacher about signing up.
    • Tacoma School District Elementary and Middle School Series - must be on participating Tacoma elementary or middle school team. CYO and YMCA members can participate, but must register on www.athletic.net
  • New for 2017 - the Tacoma City Cross Country Elementary and Middle School Championships - administered by Tacoma City Running Club.  Open to all youth athletes.  Must register on www.athletic.net.