THE TCRC - JOEFROYO Racing TEam 2017-2019

We announced in 2017 that  JoeFroyo, the maker of the frozen, blended coffee beverage made with yogurt, would be sponsoring the team.  JoeFroyo renewed their support of the racing team for 2018.   We would like to thank them publicly for their support, both financially and nutritionally.

The team is composed of post-collegiate and masters runners who continue to train and compete at a local, regional and club national level while maintaining professional careers.

See the team's individual and collective accomplishments below:


Greg Leak

Trevor LaFontaine

Dan McLean

Jens Nielsen

Brien O'Loughlin

Francis Reynolds

Kayla Campasino

Kate Landau

Nicole O'Loughlin

Daryl Phill

Masters Racers

Ben Mangrum

Nancy Ellis

Darrin Hatcher

Mary Hatcher

Mike Lynes


Alex Crabill

Cpt. Jake England


Matthew Ellis


2020 Olympic Trials Marathon Qualifiers: Greg Leak and Kate Landau

2018 3rd American, 8th Overall Chicago Marathon: Kate Landau

2018 USATF Pacific Northwest Regional XC Champion: Greg Leak

2018 USATF Pacific Northwest Regional XC Masters’ Champion: Kate Landau

2018 Winner of Eugene Marathon: Kate Landau

2018 Winner of Tacoma City Marathon: Ben Mangrum

2018 Winner of Washington BDay Marathon: Kayla Campasino

2017 USATF Northwest Region Runner-Up: Nicole O'Loughlin

2017 USATF Northwest Region Masters Runner-Up: Nancy Ellis

2017 Winner of PNTF XC Championship: Nicole O'Loughlin

2017 Winner of Tacoma City Marathon: Ben Mangrum

2017 Boston Marathon Masters Runner Up: Kate Landau

2016 Winner of the Portland Marathon: Kate Landau

2016 Winner of the Tacoma City Marathon: Kate Landau

2015 World Masters Track & Field Championship qualifier: Mike Lynes

2014 & 2015 USATF Half Marathon Championship qualifier: Greg Leak

2012, 2013, 2014 PNTF 10 km Champion: Greg Leak

2014 USATF Club Cross Country Championship

2013 USATF Club Track & Field Championship